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Moonlight and Merlot

May 4, 2010

The continuing saga of the lives, loves and heartbreaks of the residents of Dion Valley, CA.

As with all the best things in life, this is for adults only.


Lela watched Zach emerge from the forest. He didn’t say hello, his gaze, his attention, fixed solely on Phoebe. She might as well have not even been there. Not that she cared. Not really anyway. So Zach went all googly-eyed and became a total grinning buffoon whenever he was around the princess. Wasn’t Lela’s problem. Didn’t bother her in the least.

“Phoebe,” he practically moaned as he reached for his beloved.  Lela couldn’t help but roll her eyes.

Lela had to admit that Phoebe’s squeal of delight seemed genuine enough, but knowing Phoebe as she did, she knew the woman was completely incapable of any kind of genuine anything.

They did make a beautiful couple, Lela reflected, watching as Phoebe wrapped her legs around Zach’s narrow waist. Both blonde and tan and lithe and very nearly perfect. And rich. Couldn’t forget that. They were the children of the region’s most powerful wine barons. And though Zach’s family had been in Dion for generations upon generations and Phoebe’s had only just bought their land and vineyard ten years ago, both families were major powerhouses of influence and control. They practically ruled Dion Valley. And all its inhabitants.

Two very different families with very different approaches to wine, but Lela was certain the distaste and animosity they felt toward one another was very much the same.

“Wow, it’s good to see you, Zack,” Lela said as sarcastically as possible, forcing the “lovers” to acknowledge her presence.  At least Zach had enough grace to look abashed. “Too bad I can’t stay and hang out and catch up and whatever, but I really do have to go.” She glanced over at the stump and though she was loath to leave it, she was in no mood to sit around and watch them do whatever it was they did together.

“Okay, Lela,” Phoebe practically sang. “See you!”

Lela just shook her head and headed out of the forest. They really did deserve one another.

The Alter, she thought, a shiver going through her as she walked toward her car. It was going to make all her dreams come true. Everything, everything she had ever longed for.  She certain of it. She just had to make sure she did the spell right. Got the right people.

Which reminded her that she should go see Nick Castle. He’d probably be at the Diner right now. And if he wasn’t there yet, he would be soon.

[Until next Tuesday…]

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