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September 3, 2015

I had a couple of very sexy new releases last week that I’m super excited to share with everyone! I’ve got review copies in all digital formats burning up my hard drive and ready to be distributed to all reviewers and bloggers!

If you’d like a review copy of your very own, drop me an email at Lisa(@)LisaFoxRomance(.)com. Let me know what digital format you’d prefer and I’ll get you a copy ASAP. Here’s what I have to offer:




Zoe Dutton came to New York City with a Broadway dream that was crushed on arrival. Cole Delaney has a decision to make. Can he leave London behind for an editor-in-chief position in Manhattan, or does he want to go back to England where his life will remain as boring as ever?

When they meet in Times Square, sparks fly, and their instant attraction sets the tone for a night of indulgent lust. They share a deep connection, though when the morning comes, they must go their separate ways. But in a city like New York, how can one night ever be enough?

(Story One of the Athletic Aesthetic anthology)

Athletic Aesthetic

Sport can be beautiful for so many reasons, as toned and limber athletes at the very peak of their performance demonstrate dedication and stamina on and off the field.

Inspired by this, we asked five erotic authors to demonstrate their literary prowess in this genre. Our authors did not disappoint, and they’ve delivered five wonderful stories of athletes who work hard and play harder. From the elegance and strength of the gymnast in training, to the speed and heat of the Formula One racetrack, precision and excellence always yield satisfying results! Come and join us as we explore and enjoy the Athletic Aesthetic!

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