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Sunday Snippet

October 26, 2014

Here is a snippet from SINFULLY YOURS, which is now a part of the FOXY paperback collection!

A man approached her out of the streaming throng of revelers, a wide grin on his generous lips. She did a quick assessment, looking him up and down. Not her usual type, he was a little too young, a little too frat-boy preppy for her taste, but he had a nice body. He probably had a decent-sized cock too, nothing too outrageous or all that long or fat, but serviceable. With the right kind of directions, he might even be able to use it properly. She smiled at him as he untangled a set of sparkling purple beads from the bundle on his chest and placed them around her neck. The inevitable declaration, “Show me your tits!” was bound to come next, it was the customary payment for such a gesture after all. She was ready to show him what he wanted, and perhaps a whole lot more, but he just smiled without a word and melded back in with the crowd.

“All well,” Bailey said and adjusted the beads around her neck. Apparently, he wasn’t the one.


Mardi Gras nice ass


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