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Sunday Snippet

July 13, 2014

Here is a snippet from SCULPTING A DEMON. It is featured in the paperback anthology ART OFF ATTRACTION and you can win a copy of it right here: ART OF ATTRACTION GIVEAWAY

The rain drummed on the roof, a musical, steady rhythm in the otherwise silent night. “Hear me, true love of mine,” Lila chanted as her nimble hands shaped sensuous lines and generous curves. “I call you forth at this time…”

She blinked hard, realizing what she had said. Bowing her head, Lila laughed aloud. Maybe it was all the wine or all the rich food, but whatever the reason, she was acting like a total nitwit. She wasn’t even sure what had made her think of the spell. She only knew that something about the rhythm of the rain seemed to cry out for the rhyme.

“What are you, in high school?” she chastised herself. Conjuring a man, indeed! She sat back on her heels and looked up at the statue’s face. “But if I could make you real,” she said softly, “I would want you to be everything I said in that stupid spell.” She reached toward the statue and then her hand fell back into her lap. “Would you love me though?” she asked. “I wonder. I wonder if you could.”

Squeezing the bridge of her nose with her fingers, she let out a disgusted grunt. This was getting her nowhere. Spells and perfect men and true love were all very nice, but she might as well ask Santa for that Barbie Dream House she had always wanted. The outcome would be much the same.


dark angel

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  1. July 13, 2014 11:13 am

    “Would you love me though?” <- Love the show of vulnerability here. Fab snippet!

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