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Sunday Snippet

April 6, 2014

Here is a snippet of my FREE READ Her Special Knight.

Simone twisted in front of her full-length mirror, checking for the hundredth time that everything was perfect. Her short, black, pleated skirt twirled as she spun around, flashing a lot of thigh and just a hint of her ass. Cool air tickled her exposed skin as she moved and a tingle of anticipation ignited in her belly. She wasn’t usually so daring in her choice of attire, but then again, it wasn’t every night a dream came true. Tonight was different. Special. Tonight she was finally going to meet him.

He called himself ‘Alec’ after the devilishly handsome knight in the popular RPG Simone absolutely adored. He knew her as Xanthe, the brave, but stoic female warrior. They first connected through hashtag chats about the game and their relationship quickly progressed from Twitter to the phone, where their conversations evolved from the usual ‘getting to know you’ banter to hot and steamy sexting. They suited each other perfectly and those titillating tête-à-têtes never failed to make her come, but there was more than just some raunchy simulated sex between them. They had a real connection.


texing sexy

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