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Sex God Sunday

February 16, 2014

Here is a little snippet from One Kiss.

A roaring cry from the party outside startled them both, and Kat glanced toward the closed bedroom door. She caught snatches of excited conversation, heard the rumblings of people getting into place, finding partners to ring in the New Year. “Two minutes!” a man yelled. Someone whistled and multiple champagne corks popped at once.

She patted the backs of Dean’s hands and sighed. “Looks like we fail. I wonder if there’s an exorcism app we can download?”

He chuckled and gave her a playful squeeze. “We could kiss each other.”

A spark of interest, of heat, ignited her blood, but she quickly squashed it. He was messing with her as usual. He almost had her that time though. If he knew how close she had come to falling for it, he’d never let her live it down. She snorted out a laugh and shook her head. “I don’t want your cooties.”

“Would it be so terrible?” he asked, curling his fingers into hers. He ran his thumbs over her knuckles and a strange feeling gathered in her chest. Not a bad feeling, just foreign, and kind of exciting.


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