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Sex God Sunday

November 17, 2013

Here is a little snippet from SINFULLY YOURS. It is now available for per-order from Amazon and B&N!

“You know what my favorite part of Mardi Gras is?” Bailey asked.

Her new friend moved closer, towering over her, dwarfing her with his size. “What’s that?”

Her gaze flicked to his mouth, then back to his eyes, and then down to his mouth again. “Getting beads.”

A slight dip of his head brought his lips close to hers. She could taste his breath—sweet alcohol, mint, and heat. “I have some pretty good ones.”

“You do.” Examining his beads was a great excuse to grope him, and she took full advantage.

sexy military man abs

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  1. November 17, 2013 12:49 pm

    Oh my. That was totally tantalizing. 🙂 What happens next?!

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