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Sex God Sunday

September 29, 2013

Fall is here and my most favorite holiday, Halloween, is on it’s way! Here is a snippet from my Samhain story, The Secrets of Dreams.

Stephanie laughed as the current group of zombies, pirates and action heroes on her doorstep collected their treats in large, reflective orange bags. The moment the last candy bar was dropped, the children ran down her front steps, laughing wildly as they charged the next house on the block.

With an amused shake of her head, she closed the door behind them and then flopped back down on the couch. The bowl of chocolates remained on the table by the door, awaiting the next crop of ghastly and glamorous visitors. Soon, the little ones would be off to bed and all those leftover treats would somehow find their way into her stomach over the next few days. Stephanie loved Halloween, it was her most favorite holiday, but it was seriously hazardous to her hips.

She glanced at the clock on her mantel and was surprised to discover how late it was. It was almost time for her to shut off the porch light, lock the door and begin her solitary celebration. Her altar waited upstairs, adorned with candles and spices and incense, all ready for her to begin her annual Samhain rites.

Her eyes touched on the black grimoire sitting on top of her coffee table and a tingling shiver ran down her spine.

man candy

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  1. October 6, 2013 11:07 am

    I missed this last week. Glad I found it. You pulled me right in and left me wanting more.

    I both look forward and dread the left over candy, lol.

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