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This Week In My World

September 27, 2013

I have had a very quiet week, but not a bad one.

  • I’ve been pretty sporadic with the Insanity workout, I still don’t feel quite 100% well from my illness last week, but I do what I can
  • I got the new Stephen King book, Doctor Sleep, and I am LOVING it. But I’m reading it too fast. I’ll be done with it tomorrow probably. That’s way too soon. I want it to go on and on
  • Jocelyn Dex put together a sexy giveaway for the people that buy our LUST DEMONS anthology at the RomantiCon book signing
  • I did some more work on my “sex and sports” story. It’s coming along nicely
  • I totally, completely, and utterly took today off – something I very rarely do. I read, drank, tea, napped. It was awesome.

How was your week?

chico guapo reading

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