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This Week In My World

September 6, 2013

It’s been all about guest posts this week for me and I’ve shared some awesome stuff!

  • Take my Coffee Addict quiz on Java Karma and find out how much of a coffee addict you are: Are You a Coffee Addict?
  • Check out my monthly drink recipe feature on Literary Lagniappe. This week I’m talking about Sidecars: Cocktail Hour with Lisa Fox
  • Stop by RR@H Novel Thoughts & Book Talk to win a copy of A Matter of Lust: Lisa’s List of Work Vices and Procrastinations
  • I bought a new bed and is AWESOME
  • I thought some more about doing Insanity, almost got up off my rocker recliner, took a nap instead
  • I lived almost exclusively on tomatoes from the framer’s market and fresh mozzarella cheese. Seriously. I’ve had it for every meal for a few days now. I don’t see any end in sight either. I love it madly
  • I didn’t read any books this week, but I did play the fuck out of Skyrim

How was your week?

playstation game video

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