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Sex God Sunday

March 3, 2013

This is the three year anniversary of my little blog. Who knew there were so many hot nearly naked men on the internets? To celebrate here is a little snippet from the novella that started this whole journey, Sculpting a Demon

Yes, she wanted everything he had said. Yes, she had dreamed of fame, longed for it for as long as she could remember. Some part of her needed that validation. Needed the recognition to make her life whole and complete and worthwhile. But this was wrong. Something was wrong. “No,” she said, taking a step back. Being so close to him made it difficult to think. “No, I don’t want any of that.”

“But you do,” he said, closing the gap between them. “And I can give it to you.”

“No,” she said more firmly. “That would be cheating.”

“Cheating?” he asked, and then laughed. “My darling Master, is it cheating to take advantage of every opportunity offered to you?”

She studied him for a long moment before answering. “But at what price?” she asked quietly. “These things have prices, don’t they?”

“You think I want your soul?”

“Isn’t that how it works?”

He chuckled. “I assure you, it is not your soul I desire right now.”

dark man sexy shadow

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  1. March 3, 2013 1:09 pm

    Wowzer! Time sure flies, don’t it? LOL! Great excerpt!

  2. March 3, 2013 6:54 pm

    Love that last line, wow. Happy Anniversary!! Here’s to another year of hot men.

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