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Sex In Space by Misa Buckley

January 23, 2013

Special guest Misa Buckley is here today talking adding romance to science fiction.


Sex In Space

Or, Adding Romance to Science Fiction

Does Science Fiction need Romance? Well, it doesn’t need it, I suppose. You’ve got your spaceships and hyperspace or ion engines and alien species. What more does it need? After all, it’s all about the adventure, right?

But how do we experience the adventure? I don’t know about you, but I experience it by recognising myself in one or two of the characters. Putting myself in their place, in their skin, I can see the universe through their eyes. That is why the Doctor’s companion is often human. That’s why Arthur Dent was an ordinary man. Those characters are meant to represent us, and the human condition. And there are two things common to the human condition: dying, and falling in love.

Love is a strong theme for any genre, and it comes in a variety of flavours. Love can be found, lost, and found again. It can cross space and time and species. Heroes can be fools for it, while villains can find themselves redeemed. It can be the love of friends or the passion of lovers. You can’t argue that love has no place in sci fi (well, I guess you could, but I’m not going to listen)

I love characters that fall in love, especially when they do so reluctantly. Or against the odds. I prefer following their fall right to the bedroom. Not everyone does, that I understand, but I like to have a pay out for rooting for their relationship. I like to witness that final step towards a rounded relationship, though sex is neither a beginning nor an end. It just moves things up a level.

Perhaps that’s not the most persuasive argument for sex in space, but it’s the best I’ve got 😀

Bio: Misa Buckley is a sci fi geek who escapes the crazy of raising five children by creating imaginary characters who experience adventure, romance and really hot sex on their way to a happily-ever-after. You can keep up to date with Misa’s latest news by following her on Twitter (@MisaBuckley) or at her website (


Blurb: A year after the accident that put her in a wheelchair, Amber Gerald has more or less gotten used to living with her impairment. It doesn’t make a difference to running a comic book store anyway, and the customers have been the best support group she could have wished for.
When she rescues an abandoned cat, Amber has no idea that she’s interfering in the mad scheme of a time travelling bank robber. Or that the man that walks into her store dressed like Blade is about to become her bodyguard.
Between being an unwitting owner of an android cat and falling for a cybernetic bounty hunter, Amber finds her life a whole new level of weird as science fiction becomes a very real factual threat.
Coming 4th March 2013 from Champagne Books
3 Comments leave one →
  1. January 23, 2013 12:09 pm

    Thanks for having me, Lisa 🙂

    • January 23, 2013 12:22 pm

      It’s great to have you over, Misa. Thanks for hanging out with me today!

  2. January 23, 2013 12:22 pm

    Totally agree about death & love being part of the human condition. Sexuality is a huge part of the ADULT human condition (from gender identity to physical intimacy to dysfunction etc.) so stories that confront sex (anywhere between a brief mention to explicit detail) while including elements of speculative fiction are among my favorites. Which is why I find adult-rated sci fi fanfic so addicting!

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