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Inevitable by Kerrianne Coombes

September 5, 2012

Kerrianne Coombes is here today, sharing an excerpt from her new release, INEVITABLE.


Thank you so much for having me Lisa!

I am so excited to be here—I love your blog! Looks around for sexy men Can I touch them??

So, I am here to talk about my new release ‘Inevitable’ It is an erotic contemporary romance novella, about a couple who are perfect for each other, but their ideas on where they want their lives to go are very different.

Sky Denholm is a woman who believes that marriage is nothing more than a contract that benefits a man more than a woman. She was brought up by a mean man who treated his wife as nothing more than a slave and a sex tool.

Her life plan is to be successful in business, rely on no one and prove her father wrong.

Jack Rogers is a farmer, a hardworking man with ideas of having a family, kids and a wife to adore. The problem is, Jack is in love—and has been since he could remember—with Sky Denholm.

Together they have settled on an uneasy relationship that involves no promises, no commitment and certainly no declarations of love.

But neither one are prepared to walk away.


When Sky Denholm moved to the city to peruse a career with a large accountancy firm, her dreams of being independent and successful quickly turned into a reality.  Brought up to believe that women were useful for nothing but housework and sex, Sky is desperate to prove her father wrong. She packed her bags at the age of eighteen and moved from the British countryside to the city.

She would like to say that she never looked back, but one man with dark eyes and a body to die for, tempted her back regularly. Jack Rogers, a farmer and Sky’s best friend, is her anchor in life. And Sky can’t seem to break the intense pull he has on her, no matter how much their relationship goes against her own, personal code.

But when her boss blackmails her, Sky begins to question her choices.

When the love of Jack’s life decided that she had to taste life outside of the country, he let her go. Six years later, he is seriously regretting that choice. Sky Denholm is slipping through his fingers, and he has no idea how to bring her back home.


A tantalising scent seeped through the gap in the door, and the unmistakable damp heat of a bath filled his nose. Jack pushed the door open and saw Sky lying in the deep bath, surrounded by bubbles. Her eyes were closed and she seemed to be dozing.

He leant against the door frame and stole a moment to just watch her. She was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. She was radiant. Her blonde hair always shone and her skin was always clear. She might have been a tomboy growing up, but Sky had turned into a really beautiful woman, a woman who had stolen his heart from the first moment he had laid eyes on her, and had never given it back. Jack let his gaze skim down her bubble-shrouded body. Her slim, toned legs were bent and he could see her knees poking out from under the water. How many times had he kissed the skin on her legs before he licked at her core? How many times had he massaged her feet, before making sweet love to her? He didn’t know, but he knew he would never get bored with it—any of it. Sky Denholm was the only woman who had ever held his interest. With her clever wit and passionate ideals, Sky held his absolute attention. He was a puppet on a string for her—a lovesick fool—a man who would literally do anything she asked of him. Anything except give her up.

He was well and truly in love, although he couldn’t say the same for her. Sky’s head was full of dreams that didn’t include him. Her upbringing had led her to believe that marriage was an institution of set rules and misery. A contract set up so that a man had a slave to do his ‘dirty work’. She didn’t see the romance or the love involved in a marriage of two hearts. He, on the other hand, had grown up watching his parents treat marriage as a fair game of fun and attraction. His throat grew tight whenever he remembered his beloved parents. He missed them. He wanted what they’d had, a marriage of equality and love.

As he looked back at Sky—his elusive Sky—he had to wonder if he was barking up the wrong tree. When she had talked of working in the city, Jack had truly believed that she would be home within a month. She was a free spirit, a lover of nature and all things fluffy and he hadn’t been able to imagine her lasting long at all in the concrete jungle. But he had been wrong. She seemed to adore the city and the cutthroat people who lived there, and now, after six years of waiting, Jack had to wonder how much longer he could wait.


His mind supplied him with the answer, even as his heart cracked. Maybe one day she would end it all and tell him to move on, but he knew that he would never be the one to finish it. Even the small amount of time they had together was what Jack lived for. He had to face it, he had given his heart to a woman who didn’t really want it.

“I’m a fool,” he said. Sky opened her eyes and looked up at him. She frowned and opened her mouth to speak, but Jack bent and plucked her from the bath before she could form any words. “Don’t talk, Sky. Let me just love you.” She sank into his embrace, and allowed him to take her from the bathroom. He laid her on his bed, uncaring that she was soaking wet. Bubbles still clung to her beautiful body, even as he stood to peel his now-damp clothes off.

“Jack,” Sky breathed, her green eyes watching him warily. “Are you okay?”

No, I am not okay. I love a woman who does not love me. “I’m fine,” he replied, ignoring his painful thoughts. He dropped his trousers, and Sky’s gaze fell to his engorged cock. She sat up and circled his dick with her small hands in eager haste. Jack watched her bring her mouth to his dick as he swallowed hard and tried to ignore the swelling ache in his heart. Their time was coming to an end. One day Sky—his Sky—would tell him that she had met someone else, a city worker who wore designer clothes and lived in an apartment. A city worker who didn’t remind her of her bastard of a father. A city worker who had manicured nails and a flashy car. What would Jack do then? Where would that leave him?

Inevitable is a hot four flame book—very sexy!

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  1. Kerrianne Coombes permalink
    September 5, 2012 1:30 pm

    Thank you so much for having me Lisa!

    • September 5, 2012 2:56 pm

      It is great to have you over Kerrianne. Inevitable sounds like an awesome book!

  2. September 5, 2012 9:40 pm

    *sigh* Off to go purchase it. So intense. So beautiful. Fab post ladies!

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