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Special Guest Sapphic Planet ~ Dalia Craig

April 25, 2012

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Today, welcome author Dalia Craig, with her short story, A Secret Liaison.

A Secret Liaison

Meeting somebody in an online chat room can be a life-changing experience. It was for Jenna.

I already had the outline of A Secret Liaison rattling around in my head when Beth Wylde first suggested the idea of a Sapphic Planet Anthology. I jumped at the chance to write about how Jenna and Abi overcame the problems of a virtual relationship where they never met.

Once I started writing, however, Jenna and particularly Abi took the story in a whole new direction from my original idea.

Jenna’s life is constrained by her sexuality and her role as a carer, from which there is no escape other than her job in the local bookstore.

Living in a small homophobic town, virtually cut off from the outside world by distance and poor communications, Jenna has become addicted to a secret vice; her lunchtime visits to the local Internet café and cybersex with the mysterious Abi whom she’d met in a lesbian chat room.


Jenna locked the bookstore and hurried along the street toward Carrie’s Internet café, absentmindedly nodding to acquaintances as she went.

The lunchtime visits to the café and the world of hot cybersex were as important to her as breathing. A welcome prospect after the frustration of a whole weekend starved of Internet access. Jenna faced a constant struggle to live a normal life; unable to use a computer openly at home due to her aged mother’s dementia. She had hysterics at the mere mention of anything electrical; believing all modern technology the work of Satan. In desperation, she’d even considered buying a small laptop to use in secret, but sadly, the nonexistent signal for cell phones and wireless Internet ruled that idea out. So today, she was doubly anxious to contact Abi and release the sexual tension coiled in her gut. They had clicked straight away after meeting in a lesbian chat room two weeks earlier and soon moved from the main board onto private messaging so they could explore their passion more fully.

She hadn’t felt this good in years; her body hummed with renewed vigor. Not since Gail fled town, never to return, after losing both her home and her job as a teacher. Constant persecution and unfounded rumor spread by small group of homophobes had and driven Gail away leaving her to face life alone. Although the bigots had not actually made the connection between her and Gail, Jenna still hid her sexuality from the world for fear of the consequences. In the five years that had elapsed since Gail left; she had never found anyone to replace her one true love. Meeting Abi had cracked the protective shell she’d built around herself and allowed her to enjoy sex again, even if only through cyberspace. However, sexual fulfillment came at a price, the more she experienced, the more she craved. She’d become a cybersex junkie.

“Morning, Jenna, you’re early today—Number seven is free if you’d like it.”

Great, her favorite spot. “Thanks.” Jenna returned Carrie’s smile and turned away without pausing for further discussion. She crossed to the one computer set apart from the rest. Back here, hidden from the other surfers by a large pillar, she could relax and enjoy the unique experience of cybersex reasonably confident her online activities would remain strictly private.

Her pussy clenched as soon as she logged on and saw Abi’s rainbow symbol beside her screen name. She pinged Abi with a ‘Hi Sexy’ then fished in her purse for the all-important remote control. The slim purple switch operated the vibrator she’d inserted before leaving the store.

Come on, Abi!

Jenna fingered the button on the remote, tempted by the thought of a quick buzz while she waited for her to respond. No, she withdrew her finger, reluctant to renege on their mutual agreement. Abi’s idea, to operate the vibrators only on instruction from one another, had certainly enhanced their online sex games and made them more realistic.

She accessed her e-mail and checked her messages. Abi often sent a quick e-mail if there was any chance of her not being around for the start of their lunchtime session.

No e-mail. She pinged Abi again then continued reading her messages whilst she waited for a response.


At last, Jenna switched screens to read Abi’s message.

Abi: Hi beautiful, how are you today?

Jenna: Cut the crap. Where have you been?

Abi: I was busy.

Jenna: Doing what? I nearly started without you.

Abi: Very funny!

Jenna: Tell me what was more important than our date.

Abi: If you really want to know, I was giving a massage to this gorgeous client and wishing all the while it were you.

Jenna: What sort of massage?

Abi: Very intimate—think warm fragrant oils on naked skin and you’ll get the picture.

Jenna: Are you trying to make me jealous?

Abi: No, excited—All the while I was doing her I was thinking of you and the fun we could have if we ever got together.

Not very likely, though they hadn’t gotten around to exchanging locations. However, the chance of Abi being within a thousand miles was very remote. If you want to read more, A Secret Liaison is story number 13 in the Sapphic Planet Anthology.

About Dalia Craig: I love to both read and write a variety of contemporary erotic fiction. While my particular leaning is towards lesbian erotic romance, my writing encompasses all heat levels and diverse genres. I have a number of eBooks to my credit and I’m also a contributor to several print anthologies. You can connect with me online at:

Sapphic Planet Blurb

Welcome to the Sapphic Planet, a literary realm where women are free to love one another without fear of prejudice or reprisal. Inside these pages you’ll discover nineteen stories written specifically to tease and titillate your senses. From a frolic in the rain with a Bathing Beauty, to a concerned sibling showing his sister some Brotherly Love, and everything in between – whether you’re in the mood for steamy romance or unrequited lust, we’ve got a story guaranteed to satisfy your cravings. This anthology showcases just a fraction of the talent from the writers of Sapphic Planet, a group specifically created for authors and aspiring authors of quality lesbian literature. Now sit back, relax and enter our world. Afterwards, while waiting to catch your breath, take a moment to visit us online at

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  1. April 25, 2012 4:32 pm

    I’m really looking forward to reading this book…so many fantastic authors.

    • April 25, 2012 9:10 pm

      Dalia is a hot writer! The only thing more steamy than reading her stories is hearing her read them in person. I got that pleasure last year at the GCLS conference. Whew….

    • April 27, 2012 8:15 am

      Hi Savannah! A long time since our paths have crossed.


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