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The Unexpected Series by Doris O’Connor

March 28, 2012

The Lure series didn’t start as a series. It didn’t even start as a paranormal. It was supposed to be a short erotic piece about a pole dancer who is watched by a mysterious stranger. Then that stranger, (Lucas) announced he was in fact a vampire and the pole dancer’s boss (Ion) announced that he was a wolf shifter and …err…yes…lol.

If you haven’t guessed by now I’m a panster. I hold on for the wild ride and go where the characters lead me. Once Ion had made it clear that Marnie was his, thank you very much, Lucas actually helped to push them together. That left the sexy vamp up the creek without a paddle and firmly in denial that he needed his own lady.

I knew he needed his own story. Besides, I enjoyed writing Lure Of The Blood so much, I wasn’t quite ready to let them all go.

As I started writing Lure Of Forever and Lucas slowly opened up and revealed his back story, another reluctant male stepped forward. He was a hulking figure in the back ground of Lure Of The Blood. Jenkins has a slightly larger role in this story, as Ion and Lucas send him to protect Coralie’s friend Jerry.

Look what happened there.

Lucas leaned against the doorframe and watched Coralie and Jerry whispering together like schoolgirls. Completely engrossed in their discussion, they paid no attention to the ringing phone. Jenkins casually checked the caller display, before just as casually disconnecting the phone. The sleight of hand was so well masked, even Lucas almost missed it.  He nodded his approval at Ion’s second in command and breathed a sigh of relief. With Jenkins firmly installed in Jerry’s life, Coralie’s friend was safe, at least until she decided to ditch the shifter. It would be more difficult to monitor her as securely without Jenkins here in her flat.

Lucas had no doubt that Jerry would move on soon. The blonde Barbie lookalike with a figure to match exuded sexual confidence in a way that completely overshadowed Coralie’s quiet passion.  In fact, the two of them seemed as far from related as chalk and cheese, yet the deep-seated friendship they shared was obvious. Lucas could read Jerry like an open book. Behind the bubbly personality and sexual aggressiveness lurked a deeply unhappy woman, who had been worrying over Coralie almost as much as his little human had worried over her, if for different reasons. Seemed both women had been badly hurt by the men in their lives. Lucas unclenched his fists at the thought of any other men touching Coralie. She was his, at least for the moment, and if the possessive look in Jenkins’s eyes when he looked at Jerry was anything to go by, the shifter felt the same way about Coralie’s friend. His wolf’s low growl, only audible to Lucas’s sensitive hearing, staked his intention as clearly as though the man had put a ring on the woman’s finger.

Poor sod. He would have his work cut out trying to tame that one. And he wouldn’t give up. If Jenkins’s wolf had chosen Jerry, then the man was stuffed. If she refused to mate with him, Jenkins would be left pining after her forever more, with no chance of even enjoying casual sex with anyone else. Not for the first time, Lucas was glad he wasn’t a shifter. The whole idea of mating for life was all well and good, but he didn’t do forever—at least not where women were concerned.

Besides, the whole having to drink their blood to survive thing tended to be a huge stumbling block and even if that wasn’t the issue, the fact that he didn’t age and the woman did—merde, he didn’t need those particular memories now. He smiled grimly seeing Jenkins saunter over to the kitchen table and nuzzle into Jerry’s neck. She shrieked in mock surprise and melted into him, her hand running up his leg, until it cupped his cock. She smiled up at Jenkins saucily and Coralie rolled her eyes and shook her head.

Amusement bubbled up in Lucas, seeing Coralie’s predictable reaction: a slight flush had crept up her neck, and she averted her gaze as Jerry and Jenkins kissed. As passionate as she was with him, her natural shyness was very much in evidence right now, and unwanted affection made his chest tight. If only he had more time to indulge himself and to coax the passionate and confident woman hiding inside her out into the open. He couldn’t offer her forever, but he could certainly do that for her.

Yes, there is a story there with Jenkins and Jerry, one that I aim to explore in book three of the Lure series.  Will there be a book four? Possibly, lol. There is another character niggling at me, that’s all I’m saying.

You’d think a three thousand year old vampire would believe in forever. Not Lucas. He has an escaped demon to hunt and no time for the follies of humankind. When strip-o-gram Coralie arrives on his boat, she awakens human instincts long buried, and protecting her becomes of paramount importance.

Coralie, standing in for a friend, is mortally embarrassed at having stumbled onto the wrong boat. The vampire wannabe she encounters makes her body sing in ways she never thought possible. Finding out that he is indeed the real thing throws everything she ever believed in into doubt.

With the demon closing in and the future of humanity in peril will they manage to find their forever?

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Author bio

Glutton for punishment would be a good description for Doris… at least that’s what she hears on an almost daily basis when people find out that she has a brood of nine children, ranging from adult to baby and lives happily in a far too small house, cluttered with children, pets, dust bunnies and one very understanding and supportive husband.  Domestic goddess she is not.

There is always something better to do after all, like working on the latest manuscript and trying not to scare the locals even more than usual by talking out loud to the voices in her head. Her sexy Alpha heroes and sassy heroines tend to be pretty insistent to get their stories told, and you will find Doris burning the midnight oil on a regular basis. Only time to get any peace and quiet and besides, sleep is for wimps. She writes contemporary, erotic and paranormal romance.

German born, Doris now resides in the middle of a busy town in Bedfordshire/England and dreams of a nice big house by the sea, with plenty of space to run kids and dogs and let her imagination soar.

Find Doris on the web here:






If you’d like to be in with a chance to win a copy of Lure Of Forever, just leave a comment. I will be picking three winners at the end of my blog tour.  Every time you comment on one of my stops, you will get another entry into the draw J

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  1. March 28, 2012 8:45 am

    I love when stories are born and unexpected things happen…It is the beauty of creating..MY current work in progress was one book and now I’ve got 3…Great post and your book sounds hot.

  2. March 28, 2012 10:19 am

    Congrats, Doris, on this. Well done, as always! Best of luck in everything!

  3. March 28, 2012 11:40 am

    And I for one are SOOOOO glad they niggle at you. and if they don’t… I WILL

  4. March 28, 2012 12:47 pm

    Ooh, I love hearing about an unexpected series! And I can’t wait for book 3… and now possibly book 4! 😉

  5. April 3, 2012 5:16 am

    Thank you everyone who commented. I will be announcing winners on my blog on Saturday 🙂

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