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Moonlight and Merlot

October 4, 2011

The continuing saga of the lives, loves and heartbreaks of the residents of Dion Valley, CA.

As with all the best things in life, this is for adults only.


Completely enthralled by the darkly handsome man that stood over, Phoebe rested her head back against the wall of her in the foyer of her family’s mansion and looked into the black, bottomless depths of his eyes. His hands rested on the wall on either side of her head. She was surrounded by him, completely enveloped in the erotically sinister and devastating force of him.

Her eyes drifted shut as the stranger’s lips touched hers. It was a hard kiss, a rough kiss, possessive and potent and crushing. A kiss that forced her to succumb. To submit. This was the first time a man had ever presumed to try to control her and she liked it. She liked it a lot. And she didn’t even know his name.

The kiss went on and on and Phoebe felt her knees grow weak as his tongue stroked hers. She leaned into him, giving him her body, her weight. He didn’t seem to mind, in fact his kiss grew more ferocious with every passing second. She was drowning in him, drowning in his aura, his force, his pull. It was hard to breathe, hard to think, hard to do anything but surrender to him. She had never felt so overwhelmed, overpowered, overmatched before and fear grew in her belly right along with the arousal, a wicked combination that confused and seduced her.

He broke the kiss suddenly, leaving them both panting and gasping for air. He touched his forehead to hers and looked directly into her eyes. “Say yes,” he said in a voice that brooked no argument. It was a command not a request.

Say yes to what? she wondered, but was unable to articulate the thought. She was entranced once again by his dark eyes, lost in the fathomless depths. She tilted her chin toward him, wanting his mouth again, but he pulled back slightly, avoiding her. Her body burned with need and that alone ruled her decision. “Yes,” she said, and fisted her hands in his hair. “Yes.”

He appraised her with his dark eyes, a small, terrible smile on his lips and then gave her what she craved.

[Until next Tuesday…]

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