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Moonlight and Merlot

August 30, 2011

The continuing saga of the lives, loves and heartbreaks of the residents of Dion Valley, CA.

As with all the best things in life, this is for adults only.


The sun rose high and bright over Dion Valley the next morning. In fact, it was such a beautiful day one could almost believe nothing was amiss at all.

Of course, Lela knew better, but it was nice to believe that everything was fine and normal. She felt so good snuggled in Nick’s arms, naked and warm in his bed with the sunlight streaming through the slightly parted curtains. She breathed in the fresh morning air, savoring the scents of sun and grass and grapes, and wished that this moment could go on and on forever. There were few things she could imagine that would be more wonderful.

Nick shifted behind her, his lips brushing over her bare shoulder and delightful shivers ran down her spine. It would be so easy to forget all about last night, to just spend the whole day in bed and let Nick do wonderful naughty things to her. He moved again and Lela was seriously tempted to give in, but she eventually sat up and moved away from him.

“What are you doing?” he asked sleepily, still trying to convince to remain under the covers.

She reached down and ran her fingers over his cheek. “I have to go.”

“Go where?” he asked, coming more fully awake and sitting up beside her.

“The library?” she said, uncertain herself. She just knew that she had to do something. “I found the grimoire there. Maybe there is something else. Something that will help me figure out how to undo what Phoebe did.”

“Do you even know what Phoebe did?” he asked.

Lela shook her head. “No.”

“Maybe we should try to figure that out first.”

“Should we?” she asked, amused and applauded by his use of ‘we.’ She never thought to count on his help; she never counted on anyone’s help. Ever. But the thought that she could… Well, that was probably too good to be true and better not thought of.

As if reading her mind, he reached out and placed his hand her shoulder. “Lela, you are not alone.”

“It might be better if I were,” she mumbled and then instantly wished she could take the words back when she saw the stricken look on his handsome face. “I didn’t mean it like that. I just don’t know what happened and I don’t want you…” She trailed off trying to decide what she really wanted to say. Should she really tell him that she didn’t want him hurt?

Nick let out an exasperated sigh and just shook his head. “You are not doing this alone.”

His tone left no room for argument and Lela relented. “Okay,” she said, silently sending a prayer to the goddess that this decision wouldn’t result in terrible things for them both in the future.

[Until next Tuesday…]

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