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From the Vault of Goddess Karen

May 6, 2011

One cannot subsist on bread alone. Sometimes you need a little wine & chocolate.

What I’m saying is that  this culture of dominant, alpha-male prototypes is the bread. Traditional, steadfast, and expected at the dinner table. When you grab up the wine and truffles however, you get a headier, more intoxicating and yummy experience. Yummy for me is a submissive man. I could nibble on them all day long.

But WHY? cry the masses from days-gone-by. What about the image of the tie-wearing, briefcase holding, go-getter type of manly man we’ve been reared upon? Let me tell you, dear Readers, the necktie is for binding wrists. The briefcase is full of MY toys. And go-getting? How about yes ma’am-ing? I don’t know about you but I’ve had bread growing up; I’m a big girl now & it’s time to uncork the shiraz.

Role reversal has become more widely accepted as people have opened thier minds & eyes to what’s really at the heart of things. POWER. Men in charge start wars. They crush the competition. They effectively hide their feelings, masking their emotions in the name of playing the power game. All well & good. Til you dig a little deeper.

Being alpha all the time, since pre-puberty for some, is tiring. It, like bread, gets stale. What a nuisance it must be to steer the ship on an ongoing basis. What would it be like to give the wheel to someone else? Just for a teensy bit? Just in private? Many, many men are finding out.

Betty Page (one of my personal heroes) was but one key to unlocking sexual liberation. Her photos and films challenged the norm in the 1950’s, shedding light on inner submissive cravings with her stockings and bullet cup corsets. She channeled her power into a tantalizing persona that was difficult to ignore. Men paid for customized sensuality via celluloid, and their choices were telling indeed. Spanking for pleasure. Enviable bondage techniques. Foot & leg fetishes, blindfolding, on and on went the list as the divine Ms. Page smiled her way through the transfer of control.

A submissive man who acknowledges female power is enlightened. He is more in touch with those masked emotions, more likely to experiment and definitely more evolved, insomuch as I see it. And it’s not an argument of superiority. We won’t debate the Who-Wins of the sexes, because it would just be another tedious exercise in power-tripping. Let’s just give in for a moment. Let’s just listen to our secret wanton urges, perhaps act them out with the right partner. Let the woman go Betty Page on your ass & paddle you with your own belt. Try categorizing that with vanilla sexual experiences and I’ll laugh in your face. Or smack it. Or both.

I admit I like to watch alpha males in action. It’s a study of all that is conventional: strutting chicken-chested former frat boys guffawing their way through their Heinekins during happy hour. From 5-7pm they one-up one another, usually wearing khakis and blue shirts. Suits occasional, with the loosened tie of course. Games of darts or pool are often accessories to the show. Activities range from checking out the waitress’ asses to scoping out the barmaid’s cleavage. All this aping about, even in the modern day.

Give me 10 minutes alone with any one of them. They’ll be singing me nursery rhymes.

Better yet, give me the guy who already has his priorities in order and a sound notion of his place in the Goddess scheme of things. Maybe it’s the guy who refrains from checking out women’s asses as a show of respect to the sacred female cunt-power. Perhaps this guy is more reserved, a bit more contemplative, and when you meet his eyes you know you’ve struck gold. There’s a telltale clue to a submissive, and it is in the eyes.

What could NOT be irresistible about being worshipped for the woman you are? Not in a sugar-daddy type of way, not in a feeble attempt from a desperate social reject who tries to snag a woman any way he can, but earnest demonstrations from a man dedicated to your pleasure. Domination doesn’t have to be sexual. A great deal of it, especially in the beginning, is guided training. The said submissive carrying your shopping bags to your car, knowing he won’t get a ride home. Fetching a book without complaint from another room though you have two perfectly functional Goddess legs of your own. It takes time for a dom to warm to a sub, and gestures both suggested and unasked carry equal weight. I love a sub with some initiative. Most dominas do. They don’t wish to think for the sub, just have the sub think about them much of the time.

Having a bland personality and a willing nature does not a sub make. What it makes is fodder for some bossy woman to lead you around by the nose and do nothing while you bust your ass. This is the difference, lovies. Some men do indeed get off on being treated like garbage, and there are hostile women waiting for just that sort of chance. There’s someone for everyone, I say. The way it works with me is the heart behind the actions. Don’t just take direction; take some ownership. The sub belongs to the dom, but your domina is also your treasured partner. Treat her accordingly.

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  1. May 6, 2011 7:25 pm

    I think there has to be a push and pull between two people, both can push but not one more than the other… Each can have power and be sexy….

  2. GoddessKaren permalink
    May 8, 2011 10:30 am

    Trading power is indeed sexy, Savannah. I had a lot of fun writing this post. Thanks as always for stopping by!

  3. May 8, 2011 10:32 pm

    Lisa, it’s nice you included this. A submissive, man or woman, can be strong and be a multi-layered persona. I’m intent on exploring this more. Glad to hear that women do want to read about submissive men but certainly not pushover types. I think there’s a different appeal to submissive men to women than there is for submissive women to men. Damn, I know what I mean but I hope it’s not too confusing here!

    • Goddess Karen permalink
      May 10, 2011 4:10 pm

      Your post wasn’t confusing at all, and I value your appreciation of the balance I was intent on striking (no pun intended): we don’t want pushovers! We want character! 🙂

      Goddess Karen

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