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The Naughty Dice Game

September 30, 2010

The colorful plastic dice bounced twice and then came to stop. Garrett, Ryan, Deb and Sara simultaneously leaned over the coffee table to read the outcome in the flickering candlelight. The purple die showed the word, “Closet.” The blue one had, “Toes.” The pink one said, “Hump.”

“Fuck that,” Sara said, crossing her arms under her breasts. “I am not humping anyone’s toes. That is not happening.”

“Why not?” Ryan asked.

Sara glanced over at Ryan. He sat inches away from her on the couch, looking totally hot and oh so very delicious. His dark brown hair was fashionably messy and the button-down shirt he casually wore revealed the slightest hint of his broad chest. His jeans were tight, snug around his muscled thighs. Every time she looked at him, she was hit with a powerful punch of sheer lust right in the groin. It wasn’t even wetness exactly, just pure, unadulterated animal desire. He was that beautiful. She’d wanted Ryan pretty much ever since she met him at Deb’s last get-together, but it was precisely because he was so beautiful that she’d never been able to work up the courage to approach him. She’d been so happy when Deb found the naughty dice tucked away in the master bedroom, probably left there by the last people to have rented the beach house, she’d very nearly squealed. But this was too much. This was feet. “I hate feet,” she said with an exaggerated shudder.

“I think I have sexy feet,” Ryan said, teasing her.

“How nice for you,” Sara said, both amused and repulsed.

“Wanna see?”


“Damn it Sara, are you going to do it or not?” Garrett asked.

Sara rolled her eyes. Garrett was such a barbarian. Always demanding. Always impatient. She really didn’t know what Deb saw in him and she most definitely didn’t understand how they managed to stay together for over a year. “Not,” she said.

“Then you lose your turn,” Garrett said.


“Stop it,” Deb said. She looked at the dice on the coffee table and picked up the purple one. “We should get rid of this one.”

“What’s wrong with it?” Ryan asked. He reached for his beer, found it empty, tossed it in the trash and then grabbed another one out of the case underneath the coffee table. They had been drinking warm beer for hours now, ever since the power went out. Ryan had suggested earlier that if it was going to be warm anyway, they might as well keep it close and everyone had promptly agreed.

“It’s only got locations on it.” She turned the die over in her hands. “Are you going to go outside?” she asked, showing Ryan the word.

He glanced at the window and shook his head. The pounding rain was audible through the thick glass.

Deb nodded with unmistakable satisfaction and put the die aside.

“Now that we’ve finally decided that,” Garrett said. “Can we get on with it, please?”

“One more thing,” Deb said. “Let’s have a one minute limit on performing whatever it is we roll.”

“A one minute limit?” Garrett asked. “No way!”

“Garrett,” Deb said in a fake sweet voice. “If we don’t set a limit, you and Ryan are going to be out of the game waaaaaaaaaay before me and Sara.” She shifted in the overstuffed chair she lounged in, reached over and patted his cheek. “You boys just don’t have the stamina to compete with us girls. This is really more for you than it is for me.”

Sara dissolved into helpless gales of laughter.

“She’s right,” Ryan said, and took a drink from his beer. “Why waste it all on one roll anyway?” He picked up the dice, shook them in his fist and tossed them on the coffee table. They read “Stroke and “Ass” and Ryan smiled. He stood up and held out his hand to Sara.

She took his hand and he pulled her to her feet. Sara laughed from both joy and nervousness as he drew her into his arms. His hands moved slowly down her back until he was cupping her ass. He gave her butt a gentle squeeze and drew her closer. She could clearly feel his hardness against her hip and liquid heat began to gather low in her belly. She gasped, her fingers digging into his back when his hand slid between her thighs and he stroked the seam of her jeans.

He dipped his head and nuzzled her cheek. His breath was warm on her neck and delightful shivers rippled down her spine. Sara clung to him, his teasing fingers making her nearly insane with need. She closed her eyes and pressed her cheek against his chest, inhaling the spicy, clean scent of his skin, letting herself be carried away by the phenomenal sensations roaring through her body.

“That’s it,” Deb said. “Time’s up.”

Ryan’s lips brushed her jaw as he pulled back from her and Sara wanted to keep hold of him, make him keep on stroking her. He gave her bottom a light squeeze and Sara reluctantly stepped away from him. She sat back down on the couch, silently wishing for her turn to come quickly. She didn’t care if she had to suck his toes. She would do it. Probably. She just wanted to touch him again.

Deb reached out, almost falling out of the chair in the process, and grabbed the dice. “All right baby, send me something sweet,” she said as she shook them. She tossed them on the table and they settled on “Tongue” and “Nipple.”

Deb got up and went over to where Garrett sat, sprawled out in the recliner. Sara watched her lift Garrett’s t-shirt off him, revealing his hard, toned chest and abs. He may have been annoying, but he had a totally hot body. Maybe that was what Deb saw in him.

Sara jumped when Ryan’s arm came around her shoulder. She’d been so absorbed in Deb and Garrett she hadn’t noticed that he had moved closer to her. She flashed him a crooked smile and leaned into him. His hand rested just millimeters above her breast. If she took a deep breath, his fingers would brush the top curve. The thought made her nipple spring to life, hard and tingly and wanting his attention.

Deb sat down on Garrett’s lap, straddling his waist. He immediately grabbed her ass and repositioned her on his lap. She raked her fingernails over his chest, leaving faint red marks in their wake. Garrett smiled up at her and gave her ass a hard squeeze.

Sara practically vibrated beside Ryan, her arousal beating a steady rhythm between her thighs. She was hyperaware of his heat, of the press of his leg against hers. Her breath came a little bit quicker when Deb leaned forward and flicked Garrett’s nipple with the very tip of her tongue. She was mesmerized by Deb and Garrett, by the look on Garrett’s face as Deb licked his nipple, the way he held the back of her head with one hand, the other kneading her ass.

Ryan’s hand moved, his fingertips brushing the side of her breast. Tingling waves of heat shot through her and her pulse quickened. He cupped her breast over her t-shirt and Sara’s breath caught in her throat. Her nipples ached for his touch and fire surged within her. She shifted slightly, bringing her nipple closer to his fingers and she could see his smile out of the corner of her eye. He gently massaged her breast, his hand moving over her until his fingers finally came to her nipple. She moaned aloud when he squeezed and played and teased the hard little peak and the extraordinary throbbing in her pussy kicked-up a notch.

Deb gave Garrett’s nipple one last lick and then sat back on his lap. “That minute is up,” she said.

“I don’t think so,” Garrett said, and tried to pull her back, but Deb just laughed and evaded his hands.

She got up to return to her seat, but Garrett caught hold of her wrist. “Don’t go anywhere, babe,” he said, and scooped up the dice with his other hand. They bounced a couple of times and then landed on “Ass” and “Kiss.”

“Nice,” he murmured, and positioned Deb so that her ass was right in front of his face. Sara could see the smile curving his lips as he reached around Deb and unzipped her jeans. He pushed them down and Deb kicked them off. He ran his hands over her smooth, round cheeks, his fingers tracing the outline of her thong underwear.

Sara distinctly felt Ryan tense beside her and she heard him suck in a sharp breath. His hand left her breast and slipped under her shirt, stroking her stomach, her ribs. She trembled under his touch, her skin hot and flushed, wanting him to go further, needing more.

Garrett ran his lips over the curve of Deb’s bottom, trailing nips and kisses over her creamy skin. Deb’s face was the picture of ecstasy and Sara wondered what her own might look like with Ryan teasing her the way he was with his gentle, light caresses.

Garret pressed a kiss to the thin strip of material over Deb’s ass and she moaned aloud. He bent to kiss her again, but Deb shifted her hips away from him. “That’s enough,” she said, and danced out of his reach to sit back down on her chair.

Sara realized they were all looking at her, waiting for her to take her turn. She picked up the dice and held her breath. No toes, no toes, not toes, she prayed and tossed them. They came up “Suck” and “Neck” and Sara could have jumped for joy.

She turned to Ryan and ran her fingers over his strong jaw, faint stubble tickling her fingertips. He was so incredibly gorgeous. His full lips were slightly parted, his skin warm and smooth. She traced the top curve of his pec, lingered over his collarbone and then moved back up his neck again. She wanted to touch and caress and taste every part of him. She spread the collar of his shirt open wider and then decided it wasn’t anywhere near enough. She unbuttoned his shirt and he let it slide off his shoulders. His jeans sat low on his hips, clearly showing that he was not wearing anything underneath and Sara couldn’t help but smile.

His chest was a work of art, taut and toned and defined with abs that were just made for licking. The trail of dark hair from his navel down into his jeans drew her eye and a deep shiver ran over her wanting flesh. What she wouldn’t give to stroke that downy hair, follow that trail down, down, down.

Ryan smiled as she admired him, fully enjoying her scrutiny. She smiled back at him and moved closer to him on the couch. Laughing, Ryan took her into his arms and pulled her onto his lap. She straddled his waist, his hard cock perfectly centered between her legs. Heat flooded her cheeks and her breath quickened. The throbbing need in her pussy grew stronger, demanding to be sated and she rocked against him, the hard length of him pressing into all her most intimate spots though her jeans.

His hands moved over her stomach, her breasts and then he was lifting her t-shirt off her. The air was cool against her heated skin and Sara wrapped her arms around him, drawing him against her, wanting his warmth.

She ran two fingers over his full bottom lip and then pressed her lips to his jaw. He tasted hot, sweet, spicy. Everything good and male and perfect. She kissed her way down his throat, licking and sucking and savoring the unique flavor of his skin. She nipped his earlobe and she could feel his low groan rumble though him.

He cupped her face in his hand, dipped his head and touched his lips to hers, a light, teasing kiss that left her breathless. Sara let out a soft moan and brought her chin up, wanting to kiss him again, but Deb’s loud clapping made her jerk back.

“That’s it, kiddos,” Deb said. “It’s your turn, Ryan.”

Still tangled up in her arms, Ryan reached over, picked up the dice and tossed them. They read “Stroke” and “Toes.”

Sara instantly tensed.

Ryan stroked her back, soothing her with soft-spoken words and murmurs. “I’ll make it good,” he whispered. He traced his tongue over her ear. “I promise.”

She closed her eyes, relishing every flick of his tongue, the amazing, fiery pulse every lick inspired. She knew she shouldn’t be so lame, it was only toes after all, but something about feet repulsed her on a very primal level. She’d never seen the attraction and she didn’t think she ever would. She didn’t even get pedicures because she hated even the thought of her feet being touched that much. But this was Ryan. The man she’d wanted for months. Beautiful Ryan who touched her so gently and made her so very wet. “Okay,” she said, placing her trust in him.

He met her eyes and nodded, acknowledging her faith and silently reassuring her. He reached down and touched her ankle. He waited for her reaction and when she didn’t freak out, he smiled. He kissed her lips, her jaw, her throat, his hand slowly, lazily, moving over her foot. His thumb ran over the length of the arch and Sara was surprised to discover she enjoyed the sensation, the tingling tickle of his caress.

His fingers played with her toes, stroking them, tugging them, squeezing them. While it didn’t exactly make her wet, it wasn’t awful either. His lips touched hers, warm and soft, tasting of beer and musk and man. His tongue tip teased her upper lip and the thrilling ache low in her belly beat harder. The sensation of his hand on her foot was far away, unimportant, all that mattered were his lips, his tongue, the hot, slick heat in her core. He deepened the kiss, his tongue moving against hers, teasing, flirting and she melted into the kiss, utterly lost and savoring every bit of him.

“All right, enough already,” Garret said, and Sara could have happily punched him for killing that moment. “I’m sick of all this kissy, lovely stuff. I want some real action.” He looked over at Deb. “Roll the dice, babe.”

Deb roused herself from her chair and grabbed the dice. She shook them a few times and let them go on the table. They landed on “Dick/Pussy” and “Hump” and Garrett pumped his fist. Deb just smiled and turned her attention on Sara. “Come here girl,” she said, and opened her arms wide.

The whole room went silent. The sound of the rain was suddenly very loud.

“You want me?” Sara asked, pointing at herself.

“Yeah,” Deb said. “I want you.”

Garrett burst out laughing. “This is going to be awesome!”

Sara glanced over at Ryan. He smiled back at her, put his feet up on the table and appeared very ready to fully enjoy what was about to come.

Sara crossed the room to where Deb sat and stood in front of her friend. She had known Deb for over ten years. And now she was going to hump her. Sara wasn’t even sure what that really meant.

Deb leaned forward and unzipped Sara’s jeans. Sara stepped out of them and kicked them aside. She stood in her bra and panties before them all and she could feel Ryan eyes on her, drinking her in. She looked over her shoulder at him, at his satisfied grin, at the bulge in his jeans and smiled back. This was turning out to be more exciting than she thought.

Deb drew Sara onto her lap. She ran her hands over Sara’s breasts, down her back. Her touch was unlike anything Sara had ever experienced before, softer than a man’s, not as consuming or demanding.

Deb put her hands on Sara’s waist and gently pushed her back and forth, moving Sara on her lap. Their pussies touched, moved apart, touched again. It was electric and different and strange and hot. Deb guided her to go a little faster and Sara happily complied. She rocked up and down, using the top of the chair for leverage, her breasts in Deb’s face, their pussies rubbing against one another though the thin material of their panties. The delicious friction was driving her wild.

Deb gripped her waist and moved beneath her, matching her stroke for stroke. Sara could hear Ryan’s heavy breathing behind her, could feel his intense stare, his arousal. His hot interest spurned her on and she rocked hard against Deb, her hips moving in with steady, exhilarating rhythm.

Deb sat up, kissed Sara softly on the lips. “Okay,” she said. “Stop. It’s Garrett’s turn.”

“I want another minute of this for my turn,” Garret said, his voice strained. “Just keep doing exactly what you’re doing.”

Sara looked at Ryan. His eyes were glazed and he was breathing hard. That huge bulge of his cock in his jeans turned her on beyond belief and the excitement made her pussy throb. She loved that he was so hard, loved that he was enjoying watching her.

They went back to “humping” one another, alternating between slow and languid and fast and hard. The friction was becoming unbearable, Sara’s heart pounded in her chest and she was so very wet. She wished Ryan would get up and touch her. Help her find some outlet for the astounding tension rising in her belly.

Just when she thought she couldn’t take anymore, when she wanted to cry out for any kind of release, Deb put her hands on Sara’s hips and stilled her movement.

“Okay, that’s really it,” Deb said, and then patted her ass. “Enough.”

Sara nodded and climbed off Deb lap, ignoring Garrett’s protests. She flopped down on the couch and glanced at the dice. She was so worked up over her little dance with Deb, she didn’t feel like dealing with them. She looked over at Ryan and waved her hand. “You go,” she said.

“Sure,” he said, picked up the dice and rolled. They landed on “Tongue” and “Dick/Pussy.”

Sara swallowed hard, suddenly nervous. Maybe this had gone too far. She glanced at the dice, at him, at Deb and Garrett. Maybe this was too much. Sure toes and kisses and whatnot were fun, but his tongue in her pussy…that was hardcore serious. And what if he didn’t want to? It wasn’t like she was some beauty queen or something. And he was so damn gorgeous. “You don’t have to,” she said softly.

Ryan paused, confusion on his handsome face. “You don’t want me to?”

“No,” she whispered and then realizing what she’d just said, quickly shook her head. “I mean, yes. I want you to. I just don’t want you to feel like…” She let her voice trail off, losing hold of the words, at a loss to explain.

Ryan laughed. “I ‘feel like’ I want to put my tongue in your pussy,” he said, a wicked smile on his lush lips. “Is that all right with you?”

Sara was struck dumb by his words, by the rush of heat that spiked her very core, and all she could manage to do was nod in response.

He got down on the floor in front of her and ran his hands over her thighs. Just having him there, kneeing before her, was a rush all its own and moisture flooded her panties. He was so beautiful in the candlelight, his eyes practically glowing with desire and delight. He ran his finger over the silky material of her underwear, then he eased them over her hips, down her legs.

He lowered his head, kissing his way down her body. His hand glided between her thighs, spreading them apart. Sara’s heart pounded in her chest, her pulse racing in anticipation. He opened her with his thumbs and when the tip of his tongue touched her clit, shockwaves shot straight up Sara’s spine. She bucked beneath him, her hands curling in his thick, dark hair.

Quick flicks of tongue sent spirals of pleasure rolling over her. Her eyes drifted shut and the entire world beyond him ceased to exist. There was only him and her and his clever, talented tongue. He licked and teased her, his low, content moans, making her wetter than she ever thought possible. He tightened his grip on her trembling thighs and she arched into him, needing more. He lapped her, long licks that made her moan and writhe.

“Ryan,” she gasped when he pushed his tongue inside her. His thumb pressed hard against her clit and he fucked her with his tongue. In and out his tongue moved, driving her crazy, fire blazing through her and Sara could feel herself teetering on the brink. Her fingers dug into him as the scorching, white-hot tension carried her to unbelievable heights. Her release exploded in a firestorm of fierce wonder and Sara cried out, unable to contain the sheer force of her orgasm. She shook beneath him, her body spasming with the brilliant, shattering pleasure.

Sara’s muscles went liquid and she lay bonelessly on the couch, reveling in the excellent afterglow of the orgasm he had given her. She whimpered as Ryan continued to lick and kiss her, tormenting her with the most unimaginable pleasure.

With a stifled grunt, Garret suddenly got up from the recliner and reached for the dice. He turned them in his hand and placed them back down on the table. “Dick/Pussy” and “Hump” showed. He went over to Deb and began to unzip his jeans.

“Hey!” she said. “It’s not even your turn.”

“It is now,” he said, dropping his pants and stepping out them.

“You cheat!” Deb declared, but she was laughing.

“That’s right,” he said and lifted her legs around his waist. They moaned together as he thrust his massive cock inside her.

Ryan and Sara watched Garrett fuck Deb hard and deep for a few minutes. He pounded into her and the sounds of their soft grunts and moans filled the room. Ryan snapped out of it first, kissed her stomach and then nuzzled her breast. He reached for her and brought her mouth to his for a deep, searing kiss. Sara’s head was spinning, her pussy wet and throbbing and wanting, needing, his cock.

“I want to be inside you,” he breathed into her ear. He brought her hand to his cock to show her just how much he wanted her. “I don’t have a condom.”

“The guest room,” she said. That was where her things were. She had condoms in her suitcase. “Let’s go.”

He lifted her in his arms and carried her out of the living room, leaving Deb and Garrett to their own devices.

It was too dark in the guest bedroom to see anything and Sara wanted to cry in frustration. She was so close. She had to have him.

Ryan left the room and came back with a candle. She threw her arms around him, quickly kissed his lips and then dove into her suitcase. She pulled a condom out, silently thanking Deb for insisting she bring them along. She tore the package open, unbuckled his jeans and let them fall to the fall. His cock stood up hard and straight and thick and beautiful. She gripped him in her hand, caressing his incredible length and then she rolled the condom on.

They knelt on the bed together and his hands moved over her arms, her breasts, her stomach, her ass. He unfastened her bra and tossed it aside. “You are so beautiful,” he said. His lips met hers and their tongues danced in a deep, toe-curling kiss.

He lowered her down on the bed and she quivered on the inside, her pussy wet and so very ready for him. She’d never been with anyone who touched her the way Ryan did. Who made her as wet as he did. She sighed beneath him as his hands curved around her buttocks, lifting her up, opening her wide.

The head of his cock pressed into her entrance and Sara gasped. Fire and pleasure instantly flared in her pussy. She rolled her hips, wanting him inside her, filling her with his thick cock. He pushed a little deeper into her and she groaned. He gripped her hips and eased himself inside her. Her flesh clenched around him, gripping him tight. He moaned against her throat, his breath a hot caress. He pulled back and then thrust back inside her. She gripped his firm ass, arching beneath him, wanting him deeper.

“You feel so good,” he said, sinking all the way inside her. The sizzling satisfaction in his voice sent shivering tremors rocketing through her, adding to the already devastating pulse beating in her pussy.

The hard slap of his body met hers again and again, his low, throaty groans only added to the coils of need raging through her body. He slammed into her and Sara saw stars behind her closed eyes as he hit her sweet, special spot over and over.

“Ryan,” she gasped, her fingers digging into his ass.

She felt the fire of her impending orgasm coming strong and sweet tension tightened her belly. An explosive wave of molten fire surged over her and still he thrust into her, riding her faster, harder, sending her completely over the edge.

He shuddered on top of her, finding the ecstasy of his own release. They lay tangled together for a long moment, exhausted, spent, satisfied. He shifted on top of her, taking her into his arms, cradling her against his chest and she snuggled against him, loving the warmth of his body, the silky feel of his skin.

“You know,” he said, running his fingertips up and down her spine. “We could have been doing this for a while now.”

“What?” she asked, so surprised she sat up. “Really?”

“Really,” he said, drawing her back against his chest.

Sara cursed herself for being twenty kinds of an idiot. “I never knew.”

Ryan laughed. “Yeah, I kinda got that.” He lightly traced patterns over her ass. “I’ve wanted you since the first time we met. I couldn’t get you out of my mind for days.”

She nearly combusted on the spot, she was so overwhelmingly happy. She kissed him hard on the lips. “Well, it looks like we have a lot of sex to make up for.”

“Hmmm,” he said, tightening his arms around her. His cock, already hard again, pressed against her hip and Sara smiled. He gripped her ass, rolled onto his back and pulled her on top of him. “I guess we ought to get started on that then.” His hand slid between her legs and he teased her sensitive outer lips.

Sara laughed with pure, heady delight. “I think you’re right.”

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