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Moonlight and Merlot

September 14, 2010

The continuing saga of the lives, loves and heartbreaks of the residents of Dion Valley, CA.

As with all the best things in life, this is for adults only.


Midnight came and went. Phoebe lay in her bed, staring at the ceiling. She was still fuming over the way Nick treated her. It wasn’t fair. All she wanted was to have a little fun. The thoughts went round and round, as they had for hours, bitter and malicious and self-pitying.

The sounds of her parents’ party drifted up from downstairs and Phoebe groaned aloud. Those old people could really put away the booze and from the sound of things, the party wasn’t anywhere near done yet. “Isn’t past your bedtimes or something?” she yelled at her closed bedroom door.

She let out another heavy groan and rolled onto her side. She gazed out the window at the full, glowing moon and just wanted to growl. Maybe even bite something. What a crappy night! She should have made Zach stay with her. At least with him she would have been somewhat entertained. He would’ve stayed too if she told had him to. Hell, he’d do just about anything she asked him. He was a very good boyfriend.

Not like Nick, she thought, the anger welling within her once more. That was the second time – the second time! – he had shunned her. Who did he think he was! It wasn’t like he was all that hot.

“I should make him pay,” she murmured. “He’ll be sorry he tricked me!” She sat up in bed, the vehemence rising in her chest. “I’ll make him regret that!” She stared up at the moon, bile and bitterness and righteous anger coursing through her veins. “He’s going to beg for me, I swear!” And since this seemed somehow right, somehow correct, she went on, “I swear by all the gods that ever were, Nicholas Castle will beg for my attention!”

A sudden, violent tingling shiver went through her and Phoebe paused in her ranting, her fiery rage immediately dampened by the curious sensation.

“What the hell was that?” she wondered, looking all around room as if one of the many inanimate objects scattered around would explain the strange feeling.

She rubbed her arms, trying to smooth way the goosebumps that prickled her skin. It felt like something had… happened. She didn’t have any better way to describe it. It felt like there should have been a crash of thunder, streaking lightening, some kind of elemental force or disturbance, but there wasn’t. The moon shined just as bright and clear as it had seconds ago. On the surface, nothing had changed.

But something had changed. Phoebe was certain of it. She felt different, there was a tightness in her skin, exhilaration in her pounding heart.

She looked back up at the moon and smiled. She might not know what it was, but she most certainly liked it.

[Until next Tuesday…]

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  1. September 14, 2010 4:38 pm

    Oooooooo! Good stuff. I can’t wait to find out what she does. =)


  1. #TuesdaySerial Report – Week 20 – Sept 14, 2010 | Inspired by Real Life

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