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Hangin’ with the Children of the Night

April 22, 2010

I was at lunch yesterday with my day job people and one of my coworkers mentioned her daughter wanted to go to Transylvania for her honeymoon. I thought that was the coolest idea ever.

I’d love to go to Transylvania.

It’s where “the children of the night” live, right? I’m totally one of them. I need to be there.

But then I thought about it. Really, really thought about it. Transylvania in concept is super fantastic, but would it be as excellent in reality? Like, what would I actually do when I got there? Would it be like New Orleans  where there were vampires on nearly every street corner? Somehow I didn’t think so. So, I decided to look into it.

First, I went to their tourist information site, which while informative, wasn’t all that exciting.  In fact, Transylvania doesn’t look all that exciting. Sure there are medieval villages  to visit which is nice and everything, but not exactly the Frankenstein Place.

But there’s Castle Dracula, right? That alone would make the trip worth it!

One problem though, there are TWO “Castle Draculas.”

There is Poenari Fortress:

And Bran Castle:

I guess that’s cool. More bang for your buck or something.  

But where, oh where, are the children of the night?

Not here

 Or here

 Maybe I should just go to New Orleans instead

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