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Cure for the Monday Blues

March 22, 2010

Mondays are awful. The alarm goes off way too early in the morning, rudely shattering my peaceful slumber. The day job looms and all the problems and issues and general bullshit I happily ignored on Friday afternoon are right there waiting for me upon my arrival. It’s enough to make me feel a bit under the weather. Unfortunately, calling in sick every single Monday is a guaranteed way to get myself fired. It’s days like today that I lament that unemployment does not pay well at all. If only there were something to live for. Some light within the dark, evil Mondayness to get me through. If only I had…

Thomas Jane

When I did a Google search for images of him, one of the options that came up as a popular search was, “Thomas Jane Hung,” which is so awesome, it is beyond words. Of course I chose it immediately, and was disappointed to learn that all it meant was that he is in an HBO show by that name.

Lewis Hamilton

The man is a racecar driver. There isn’t much that is hotter than that.

Sidney Crosby

Putting him on the list probably makes me a cougar or a cradle robber or some such thing, but I really don’t care.

Ryan Reynolds

Is an explanation really necessary?

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